Haihatus Art Center and Residency is a non-profit and artist/volunteer run programme in Joutsa, central Finland. Experience Finnish nature, concentrate on art making, get inspired and find new international artist friends! Apply now, few rooms left for February and March (even for January, if you are a quick applicant!). Applications are processed fast and fluently.

Apply now for winter residency 2019!

January–May 2019

A call for 1–4 month artist residency in January– May 2019.
Unique opportunity to experience Finnish winter and/or spring! If you are into cold weather, snow and winter scenery (perhaps even skiing, ice-skating or sleighing?) choose February-March. If spring and blossoming tulips are more your thing, pick April and/or May.

Deadline for Feb-May is 9.1.2019, but applications will be processed almost daily, so one gets usually a quick answer. Apply here.

June–September 2019

A call for 1–4 month artist residency in June – September 2019.
How about summer in beautiful Finnish countryside? Dipping into clean lake, hiking in the forest nearby, biking and sitting by camp fire through white nights – with new artist friend around the world? Deadline for June-Sept is 29.4.2019, but applications will be processed almost daily, so one gets usually a quick answer.

October 2019–January 2020

A call for 1–4 month artist residency in October 2019 – January 2020.
Summer turns into Fall, and Fall slowly to Winter again. The Finnish seasons are diverse, but so unique. Fall and Winter means peaceful darkness, woolen socks and cozy nights with candle light. Time to get inspired by the nature! Deadline for Oct-Jan is 29.8.2019, but applications will be processed almost daily, so one gets usually a quick answer.

Haihatus principles

Haihatus is a place to focus on making art and getting inspired. Former residents have valued it´s relaxed and free atmosphere. Haihatus aims to collaboration and communication between arts and artists. There is a lot of space to make art and many colleagues to work and spend time with. Own space and time are also available and respected. Duration of residencies is 1-6 months in full calendar months.


Haihatus is located in a rural municipality of Joutsa. The distance from Helsinki is 200 km and from the nearest city Jyväskylä 70 km. There are good daily express coach services and you´ll reach Joutsa by bus in 3 hours from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are supermarkets, shops, flea markets, restaurants cafes, a good library and a twice a week cinema in Joutsa. Nature in Joutsa is beautiful and the seasonal change is very impressive. There are forests to ramble and lakes to swim - or ski and ice skate in winter.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Artists and art students of all disciplines are welcome. Residents use mainly their own materials and equipments but there are also materials and tools for joint use. The performing arts´ studio is equipped with dance mats and music instruments. The house artists advice and help any ways needed.


The private accommodation rooms are sized 17 – 23 m2 with one or two beds. Rooms are furnished and each of them includes a small kitchen with dishware. WC's and showers are located in the common spaces.

Studios and other common spaces

There are six 10 - 60 m² studios to work or practise, room for performing, dwelling, a sauna, a gallery house and a house for art happenings, etc. Residency is situated in the Utopia house, performing arts´ studio is in Fantasia house and the gallery in Haihatus house. Four cats, Purhonen, Korhonen, Räisänen and Similä are freely purring all over the house, which might the allergic ones be good to be aware of.


The residency fee is 650 euros/month/private
room and 975 euros/double accommodation room/artist couple. The fee
includes many studios, plenty of common space, some supplies and
materials for art making. Approved residents are invoiced a 100 euros
deposit/month (150

euros/double room) as a booking fee and the rest ofthe fee in the 10th of preceding month of the arrival.

Residents´ short term guests are charged 10 €/ night/ a mattress on the floor in the resident´s room or 20€/ private room. The payments are non-refundable in case of cancellation or residency interruption. Travel, food and other living costs pay the artists themselves.

Expectations and possibilities

Each applicant is personally responsible for ensuring that all necessary travel, health, personal property, and other insurance policies as well as travel documents are up to date.

Artists have the possibility to arrange workshops and happenings to present their art during the residency. They can also participate the annual Haihatus International group exhibition at the Haihatus gallery.


To apply visit



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