Haihatus is an artist and volunteer run Art Center and Artist Residency in Joutsa, Central Finland. It produces art and organizes art happenings in it´s farmyard´s three houses named Haihatus, Utopia and Fantasia.

Haihatus House (the purple one): Contemporary Art exhibitions and happenings.
Utopia House (the yellow one): Haihatus Office, Artist Residency and speces for performing arts, working and rehearsing.
Fantasia House (the black one): Venue for Art events.


At the end of 90's visual artists Merja Metsänen ja Raimo Auvinen decided to arrange an exhibition of the artworks they had seen in the
backyards in the finnish contryside. Exhibition was named Haihatus, which means in english something like vanity or nonsense, suspecting idle but reviving, as art often is considered.

Because the first exhibition Haihatus 2000 was a succes, it became an annual summer tradition. After the first summer, the exhibition did not limit only to folk art. By the time it has grown to a well known exhibition of contemporary art and in the course of years the occupation of Haihatus has been widen in the field of arts and culture. It is now an international year round Art Center.

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