Merja Metsänen


secretary, informer, producer, executive manager, visual artist, illustrator, cartoonist

The other of the Haihatus founders, but does not like to be called a mother of Haihatus.

Lives and works at Haihatus.


Raimo Auvinen


Chairman of the Haihatus board, visual artist

The main founder of Haihatus; began in 1999 to collect the artworks made by the back yard artists and here we are now.

Lives and works at Haihatus.


Virpi Lehto


visual artist

lives and works in Joutsa

Haihatus artist since 2008, in board since 2010-2015

Nina Kuikka


Member of the Haihatus board since 2007, vice chairman 2017

Manager of the Joutsa library

Lives in Joutsa, in the neighborhood of Haihatus

Johanna Juvonen and Biagio Rosa


Italian-finnish visual artist couple, workshop instructors, voluntary workers

Board members since 2014

live Jyväskylä with their dog Aarre and miss Italy, Biagio´s home country

Ben Phillips

The australian residence artist May 2017 who returned in October 2017 to stay as a house artist.

Anni and Renttu the dog

live in Haihatus community since February 2018.

Vesa Väänänen


Sculptor, volunteer, Haihatus artist since 2001

Lives and works at Heinola railway station, where is his own permanent sculpture park exhibition - as well as in Haihatus sculpute park

Curator Team


Summer Exhibition Curator Team since 2015

Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Tiia Matikainen, Pasi Mälkiä, Kalle Turakka Purhonen

contemporary visual artists

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