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Background as an artist
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso 

Probably I didn't grow up properly.

How did you end up choosing your media? 

I enjoy every moments of creating anything since I was small. Throughout all the years receiving professional arts education, I tried working with different media and ended up feeling the most comfortable when i work on paintings and drawings. The satisfaction that painting and drawing bring me is irreplaceable amongst all art forms. I am completely devoted and committed every time. Yet I am open to possibility to work with different media and recently I start to work on some miniature sculptures and mixed media.

What do you find as the best and worst sides of being an artist?

For me, I think the worst part is at the same time the best part of being an artist.

I struggle every time I make art. I have millions of questions in my head that hold me back. I have an urge to create but somehow I don't know what should I do. Someone told me I feel stressed while making art not because I don't like it, it's just because I have so much pressure from my desire to make it good. And I think that's true. Once I overcome the hard time. The worst becomes the best. There are answers for the questions and it leads me to develop my works little by little. 

Struggling gives depth to my life and this could be reflected in my works, questioning allows me to have conversations with myself and tears myself apart a little bit, but then reveals a deeper layer of myself like a mirror. This may be painful but without these desperation, both life and art can't be revived.

Is this your first time in Finland? What kind of expectations did you have about Finland/ Joutsa?

Yes it is but I am sure I will come back at some point. I come to Finland for inspirations , for changes (mentally and physically), for experiencing something different and step out of my comfort zone. now I look back I think I did quite well. I love Scandinavia and I have been to all Nordic countries except Finland. I don't know why I saved it to the last but I think everything happens for a reason. This is my first residency programme and I have spent some weeks here to experience the Finnish living style. That's probably why this is my first time to feel so connected to a Nordic country. 

What are the best sides / opportunities in having an art residency?

I am lucky enough to witness the start of the summer exhibition. Artists come and go to prepare for the show. I have plenty opportunities to chat with them, to see how they work and of course to participate in the opening. Besides, the time that I spent with the other residents during my stay somehow changed my thought about my artworks. I am more than grateful about all the encouragement and inspiration from everyone I met. Definitely a fruitful memory to remember .

What are your plans after Haihatus?

I will keep working on my zine which I started in Haihatus. And of course to prepare for the exhibition in autumn.  

How does Haihatus meet your expectations?

I think haihatus gave me a very good experience as my first residency programme. The stunning wilderness and freedom allow me time and space, not only to think but also to feel, to absorb and ended up producing something great.


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I am interested to find out more about your work, could you please contact me at: info@gallery44.co.uk


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