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The time I spent in Haihatus was mainly focused on rewriting and better understanding my practice after feeling removed and alienated from it for so long. With this in mind, I would like to leave behind a small statement I wrote during my time here.

“Touch is an intimate connection and way of knowing the world we inhabit. As human beings we always strive to reach out and touch further, building structures that bring us closer to what is beyond. Like bridges and towers, tombs and temples, telescopes and stratospheric balloons, we create forms that draw on what we know and rely on what we feel, and as a result extend both. Stratospheric balloons are ethereal, otherworldly, and yet they bring the reality of this world closer to us. In this way we are always structuring our understanding of space and time, attempting to find some balance between our experiences and the realities of our world. I am interested in our personal and at times domestic connections to cosmological ideas, both spiritual and scientific. Recently I’ve also been thinking about the idea of the horizon, and its meanings for us. It is experienced but never realised. Observed as a limit but intangible and unreachable. Experience is filled with the soft contradictions of the horizon.

In producing and experimenting I use my practice as a means of negotiating a place for my own experience within realms of intertwining and contradictory information. Teasing out and testing hypotheses through constant play with materials, forms and working methods. The work emerges out of this constant and prolific inquiry. Elements are combined, pieces are fitted together, individual experiments are threaded into a cohesive whole that the viewer is invited to explore. The spaces created attempt to provide intimate meditative environments that let go of the restlessness that comes from residing within the boarder of knowledge and sensation, and in justifying these two elements, allow the viewer time for stillness, contemplation and tranquility.”


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