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I am a visual and performance artist with background also in architecture. I was born and raised in eastern Finland but have always had a wandering spirit. And now just shortly after graduation I am fulfilling my eternal longing for changing place, landscape and a house to call home.

I spent the most beautiful autumn time in Haihatus. I watched the leaves in the trees outside my window turn yellow and slowly dance with the winds down to the ground. The autumn is here, we are prepared for the hardships to come, the nature told me as I had the haunting feeling of witnessing decay. I talked with trees and made many little friends as the flies escaped the chilly nights to inside the house. I walked in the nature and danced with the rays of sun before the clouds affiliated them.

During my days in Haihatus I had some very important reading and thinking done. I was extremely happy to be in an environment so serene. Haihatus is a place to come back to. It’s the kingdom of freedom, boredom and possibilities. I absolutely love it!

Joutsa is a special town from a perspective of a Finn as well. There is a real opportunity for a serious Kaurismäkian experience there. The brown paper in the windows of forgotten buildings, drift stores with peculiar opening hours, an old movie theatre, disco in the gas station… I most definitely recommend to experience it all.

After Haihatus I will be going to go swim in the Arctic Ocean and whisper secrets to the Northern winds. I will continue my work with animate surroundings and soon move to Iceland to conversate with mountains and springs.


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