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Background as an artist

I am a Greek-American Multi-Platform Artist.  I have always painted, sculpted and drawn, and am interested in exploring any materials I can get my hands on!

How did you end up choosing your media? 

Growing up I was mainly interested in pen and ink because it was easy to have it on me or to find it when I had the compulsive urge to draw, which was almost constant. I have experimented with a lot of media, but I work as a scenic artist and also do a lot of theater scenery and had a lot of extra and sometimes very interesting latex house paints left over and started using these in my own practice.   I like the density of color and the maneuverability of acrylics.  I travel a lot, so I appreciate the quick drying time and the low  odor as well.   

What do you find as the best and worst sides of being an artist?

The best thing about being an artist is that I can zen out on something and lose track of time and sounds.  I am extremely sensitive to my environment and can feel crazy and dizzy until I sit down to draw or paint, and then somehow, everything is amazing.  I worry about people who haven't realized that a lot of angst is pent up creativity.  The worst part about being an artist is the roller coaster of an uncharted life, which is also, I realize, what makes being an artist somewhat enviable and exciting. 

Is this your first time in Finland? What kind of expectations did you have about Finland/ Joutsa?

I have been to Finland once before,  but only for a few days.  I loved it then, although I was really freezing!  Now I live in California and I have a newfound appreciation for the cold and the woods.  The proximity of nature in Joutsa is the most incredible, healing and inspiring aspect.  

What are the best sides / opportunities in having an art residency?

I have had 4 artist's residencies and my favorite part, initially, was meeting other like-minded people who are so dedicated to their craft that they will leave their lives to focus on it.  But now my favorite part is the mentality of being in a place where you exist to create that I can recreate when I return home. 

What are your plans after Haihatus?

I am writing this a month after my return from Haihatus.  I have put together my work from the last 2 years, showcasing 40 pieces from my travels since the death of my father, as I explored where my place in the world might be.  The paintings include a 2m squared painting of a Sphynx and her cohorts which i completed at Haihatus.  Unfortunately, my opening night was cancelled due to the huge fires in Ventura, where the gallery and my home are.  I have made the paintings into a coloring book to accompany the show, however, and the coloring book idea has sparked a lot of interest, and I have just been granted a paid residency here in LA to create a coloring bus for Toolbox LA. 

How does Haihatus meet your expectations?

I LOVED Haihatus.  I have felt an aching for your forests and the biking and the peace since leaving.  What a magical place.  I would be there all the time if only you were a little closer!!

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